Why You Should Dress Up For Halloween

No matter how old you are, you should dress up for Halloween and here is why.

1. You are never too old to pretend to be someone you’re not. Keep your imagination alive and dress up like someone you admire or look up to. Someone that makes you feel excited. For the longest time when I worked in retail we gave out candy at the front desk on Halloween, I would always dress up because of everyone coming in and looking at me and my coworker’s costumes. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing other people smile just because we were able to break out of our shell and dress up as something or someone that we’ weren’t. That was such an amazing feeling.

2. A sense of Mystery. If you wear a full body/ masked costume it is a great way to express yourself without anyone knowing it is you under the mask. Be you and be free to express yourself! You have the power to tell others it is you or keep that to yourself. Who knows, you may even meet someone new.

3. Get Crafty. Have fun and go nuts! Take advantage of this holiday to try out your artistic skills. They don’t have to be the best; the best part about that – it’s Halloween– no one will notice any flaws in a costume. This is also a great time to try out different make-ups or attempt your hand at sewing the costume.

There are plenty of reasons to dress up for Halloween, break out of your shell and try something new! Even though it is scary to think about sometimes, you have to just go for it!

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