Video Game Romance

I recently saw a post floating around Facebook that read:

I have never read and related to something as much as this one little post. I smiled from the first line to the last. I love that there is at least one other person out there that feels the same way I do and put it into words and out into the world for others to read and hopefully understand. I cannot stress enough how important video games have been in my life. From day one when I was playing my Game Boy Color to Nintendo 64. I got my first laptop then got an Xbox 360, when I moved in with my, now husband, we got an Xbox One and borrowed my sisters Wii and Playstation 3. I have always had a small fire burning inside me that grew into a full firey passion for gaming. As I grew older I came to understand about coping skills for mental health and realized how gaming was my number one coping skill and how much it helped me through life and every difficult and stressful situation.

My all-time favorite book!

For the past sevenish years, I have been consistently playing World of Warcraft and will sometimes alternate to our Xbox One and wield a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. The one line of the above post that I love more than anything is “Games can be just as much as an escape as books, except you get to be part of the story”. You can be any character you want to be – there are so many to chose from. You can be and do what you want and love and not a single person will judge you. Yeah, there may be your typical internet trolls but the number of people that can relate and help you are higher than those that don’t. As a healer in World of Warcraft, I can honestly say that when I am running around Azeroth and another player is fighting their hardest and needs some help, I will 99% of the time throw a few heals at them – and I truly hope that it makes their playing experience just a little bit better since someone took a moment of their time to notice them and help them out.

I hope one day the stigma towards video games and mental health will all be forgotten and we can focus on how much something can help a person other than just a book. Don’t get me wrong – I also love to read, but I don’t want anyone to think they are any less because they are choosing to pick up a controller rather than a book.

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