Thank You

I recently came across a video on YouTube from Buzzfeed video, People Write Thank You Letters To Themselves. I have been inspired by this video to do the same thing for myself. After my recent move across the east coast, I sat down to think about how I was feeling and pour my heart out into this post.

Dear You,

Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing up and living another day. You wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for making yourself stronger. Thank you for taking the time to cry when you can’t hold on anymore & release everything that is building up. Thank you for being angry – even though you need to work on it a bit – you don’t take anything less than you should. I wish you weren’t so hard on yourself, not everything is your fault. Thank you for being body positive. Thank you for not being perfect. Thank you for being a mental health advocate. Helping other people is what you do best, but remember to take time for yourself. I love how it makes you feel when you help others who can’t help themselves when it comes to coping with life. Thank you for following your heart and making the best decisions you can make. Thank you for being anxious enough to keep yourself safe, but remember to have fun and live a little more. Thank you for enjoying snapchat filters because they make you feel good about yourself and can give you the laugh that you are needing. Thank you for being nerdy and finding comfort in amazing things that others do not. Thank you for having such a passion for gaming and using it as your number one coping skill. I’m glad you are able to laugh until you cry from watching funny animal videos on the internet. Thank you for receiving the best friends possible. They love the same things you do and they always put a smile on your face no matter how stressful the situation. Most importantly, thank you for learning to love yourself and for being alive today.

Love, Me

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