Soul Suspect

A few weeks ago I went into our local Game Stop and purchased a few games for my Xbox one. One being Murdered: Soul Suspect. The cover art really drew my attention and I figured for five dollars, why not give it a try. It was five dollars really well spent. I truly loved this game. It is a mystery game where you are a detective and you have to figure out who your killer is. You can also do some side quests along the way to help others cross over and be at peace – which I enjoyed. There are a lot of cut scenes which I really like and the graphics are really amazing, and a huge plus, you get to play as a cat for certain objectives.

I played this game twice. The first time, I went in blindly and mostly followed the main story so I missed a few side quests and some side stories. So the second playthrough I did, I took a slightly longer time to get more achievements and complete everything I possibly could. There are a lot of twists, turns, and a few jump scares. The pace is good but at a certain point in the game, it gets really intense so I actually forgot about collecting items for the side stories and then the next thing I knew, after ten to eleven hours of play, I was chasing down my killer and the game was over.

As you can see, from all the screenshots, I really enjoyed this game and highly recommend it if you are into mystery games.

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