Smash Book

Recently I saw a post while scrolling through Pinterest, here, about using a journal to write down all of your thoughts that really frustrate you. The picture in the post was titled “Things I wanted to say but never did”. I really liked this idea and decided to create my own journal to write down the things that I have been having a hard time letting go of. Things that really get my blood boiling and my anxiety going. I called my journal my smash book because I plan to only use it for my anger and use it as an anger management coping skill, a venting journal.

I went back to the very first thing that has happened that still makes me really angry and started from there. I went in chronological order up to the most recent event in my life. Since I don’t like to spread negativity around, I thought this would be a great way to vent my anger and not potentially hurt anyone else’s feelings in the process. Some things are better left unsaid so I write them down instead.

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