My Struggle: An Update

Since today marks a full year since my very first blog post, I decided to write about how I am dealing with life now and talk with you all about how I managed and hopefully provide some guidance and hope to others who are struggling, like me.

Peace is not the absence of struggle, but the presence of love.

So, a quick back story – about 3 years ago I fell down a short flight of stairs and broke my ankle. I really blamed myself from that day forward for anything and everything bad that has happened in my life which then caused me to fall into depression. Every now again to this day I still blame myself for crappy things happening in my life. My husband and I fell into some real financial trouble from that day and had a really hard time getting things back together – the whole time feeling like it was all my fault for ruining our lives. My cat stayed by my side the whole time I was in a cast and she didn’t care that I watched Jurassic World on replay.

Fast forward three years later. I got engaged and married, moved back to my home state, and finally went on our honeymoon. Even though my husband and I put on a smile, his father passed away the day before our wedding. It was a day full of mixed emotions. Happy to finally be getting married but saddened of something we could not control. I never felt more guilty about being happy on my wedding day.

However, since we moved back about 3 months ago our life has really turned around. I know not many people get the chance to start over, but we were lucky enough to. We have been able to save up money to pay off the debt that we racked up from my accident and put money aside to soon buy a home of our own and start a little family. It may sound like everything is going completely fine, but honestly; there are still ups and downs. The best part of going through life is not having to go through it alone.

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