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To My Best Friend

I cannot believe I was lucky enough to have a best friend like you walk into my life. I have moved around a lot in my twenty-five years of life and have gone through a crazy amount of friends along the way. You have truly been one of a kind. You kept me grounded when I felt like I was being irrational and you helped me through a lot of my problems. You have been one of the most encouraging people for me, and when it came to my blog – a huge supporter of me. You have helped make me a better person.

It just doesn’t feel real. I feel like I am still supposed to wake up and be walking into work with us both holding our Dunkin Donuts coffee and sharing all of our problems so we don’t go insane. I am so grateful to have you in my life and you let me complain to you daily. You gave me solid advice and never beat around the bush or tried to sugar coat anything and I appreciate that more than you know.

Every Africa trip you went on, I loved seeing all of your photos and reading about your day. You look so happy and alive and I hope you stay that way. You have an open heart and are such an understanding person. You are kind even to those who have different opinions. You handle stress very well and I hope to acquire that kind of calmness in my everyday life.

I am so glad to have met you and have you as my best friend. No one will ever be able to replace you and the bond that we have.

But it’s not goodbye, it’s ‘see you later’.

To The Dark Alliance!

A friend is someone who over looks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.
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