It’s Time For A New Adventure

We moved!

My husband and I packed up everything we love and moved from East Tennessee back to my home state of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We told almost no one prior to the move. We are so glad to be closer to my family and soon start a little family of our own. The hardest part of moving was leaving behind our friends and our jobs. The easiest part was looking forward to a better and happier life together. I decided not to write a lot about it and just share some pictures of the beginning of our new adventure.

We have actually been in the state for a week now, getting settled in and beginning to establish ourselves. There have been so many mixed emotions about this huge change in our life. It has been very stressful and the thought of regret lingers from time to time. I thank my best friend for being there for me to talk to through all of this, as well as my mom and sister, and complain to all of them about my feelings. Once we got to the Pennsylvania border and I saw the new welcome sign it gave me a sliver of confidence that this move wasn’t a mistake.

It’s all going to be alright.

At the end of the day, from how much my husband and I travel, we’re not all that far away. Even though we may be miles apart, we are still near at heart. It will never truly be good-bye, we will see you soon.

As you finish reading this post I will be beginning my 30 days of no Facebook. To start this new life off on the right foot – you can read about it in an upcoming blog post in 5 weeks since I post on Monday’s!

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