How To Build Your Own Happiness

With the seasons about to change and the colder weather upon us – we sometimes may find ourselves having a harder time pushing away negative thoughts and feelings since we are copped up inside of your homes. This is a list of ways you can build your own happiness to continue getting yourself through even the most difficult times.

Thankfulness – What are you thankful for? Come up with about five things you are thankful for in your life and a reason why. There is nothing that you are thankful for or appreciate that is “silly”. This list will help remind you of even the smallest and positive things.

Random Act of Kindness – Try to go out of your way to do something nice for someone else, either a stranger or someone you know. It can be anything from reaching the top jar on the shelf at the grocery store, emptying the dishwasher for your spouse, or even paying for the person in line behind you at lunch. You would be surprised how making someone else happy can make you happy too.

Exercise/ Relax – As the day goes on you may find yourself a getting more and more agitated. This is perfectly normal, however, you need to release those built-up emotions. Exercising or meditating is a good way to release those feelings and generate your own inner peace. Breathe deep and let go.

Write it out – From working in the mental health field, we are huge on journaling. I love this since you can throw out all of your feelings onto a piece of paper. Whether they are positive or negative, you are never hurting anyone else and you are only releasing built-up emotions when they are too heavy for you to keep carrying.

Kindle Relationships – Whether it be your closest family member or a friend to the farthest one from you on a personal level. It can make their day knowing that they crossed your mind and can, in turn, make you happy. Sometimes we may be a little farther from our loved ones than it may seem, a simple text, phone call, or email can go a long way.

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