Ding! 120

I am now level 120. Actually, I have 2 level 120’s! I leveled my alliance gnome monk and my horde nightborne monk. It is an amazing feeling to know that now that I am max level and I can begin working towards better gear to prepare for my raiding adventures. I wanted to share my thoughts on both factions while leveling and I hope to encourage you to level a character all the way to the newest max level.


I will start with the Horde. Which was actually my least favorite only because of the locations. I was not a fan of the landscapes. I leveled with my soon to be husband who plays a blood elf paladin. Even though we leveled together it was nearly impossible for me to level as my healing spec so I had to power through and level as the monks dps spec on both of my characters. Which in turn, was actually a lot of fun. As stated in my previous post about my alts, I haven’t truly played a dps in at least 3-4 years.

I felt like the longest questing zone was Vol’dun, a straight desert. However, the Vulpera (fox people) was my favorite part about the walk through the desert. They are adorable and parts of quests they take you from one place to another on a covered wagon. My favorite horde location was Nazmir. I loved the marshy atmosphere and giant dinosaurs, it also seemed to be the fastest leveling zone to finish the entire questline. It was truly great to be walking through a misty area and run into a giant dinosaur hovering in the tall trees. Zuldazar, being the main city, is also very desert like and reminds me of Egypt. This is also where the horde boat is located for your daily follower missions and where I establish my footholds across the alliance locations. Zandalar is very beautiful but it is just not for me.


Now, For The Alliance! I leveled my gnome monk alone with WarMode on for the extra 10% increase to the xp gained and I was so nervous that I would get ganked by the horde. I only got ganked twice and I would like to believe that the first time was on accident because being a gnome, I was so short and had a lot of adds on me that the horde probably didn’t even see me. So, All three of the alliance locations are absolutely stunning. It was hard for me to pick in order my favorites but I the more I traveled and leveled and earned achievements the more I fell in love with Stormsong Valley the most. It makes me feel like if Mist of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor had a baby, it would be Stormsong Valley. It is so open, so full of color, so beautiful. I also felt like this was the shortest leveling zone to finish the questline and all the side quests that come with it. I also fell in love with the fact that from one of the flight points you were flown through on a bumble bee. It cannot get any better than that.

I also loved Triagarde Sound. A giant seaport full of pirates. The best part about this…the sounds. It is so perfectly in tune with each sound that it makes me feel like I am actually the one walking through the port. This location also reminds me of the Nancy Drew game, Sea of Darkness; but honestly, WoW is a lot better. Questing here was easy for me since I obtained the Azure Waterstrider mount in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. This mount allows the rider to walk across the water, so getting from one location to the next was easier until I had all the flight points unlocked.


Drustvar is full of mountains. It was beautifully scary at the same time. As you walk through to your first quest you are greeted by a huge shrine of a stick person and demented farm animals only to find out that the cute towns have been overrun by witchcraft. Your job as a hero is to purge the land of the witch and save the wrongfully accused. I also felt like this was the longest place to quest for me. I was so close to 120 by the time I got here that I only wanted to get that final level and obtain the achievement for the main questline completed. It was so hard for me to not pick up every side quest that I came across.

You can find the article from Blizzard on these locations here. They have more screenshots and more detail. This is just my personal favorite small things about this new expansion. So finally, I made it to 120 on both of my characters and will be raiding on my horde nightborne monk with in-game friends and soon to be husband. Now, it is time to begin gearing to fight the bosses in the first raid, Uldir.

Happy Raiding!

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