Back For The Battle

Since this is the month that my birthday falls in I decided to re-sub to World of Warcraft. I actually re-subbed last month and I got the current promotion of six months of game time and the Sylverian Dreamer mount. I love this mount, it is such a pretty blue and looks great as she flies through Azeroth. As some of you may know, my husband and I un-subbed from the game prior to our wedding since we had so much to do and so little time to actually play. Then one problem after another arose and we found ourself moving across the east coast back to my home state. Now that we officially settled in and got our life back on track we are back for the battle and hitting that grind.

Once I got logged in I never felt more at home. All my worries instantly vanished and I could not stop smiling at the computer screen. Since I had fallen behind from my guildies, I tried to push a little harder to get the Pathfinder achievement so I could be able to fly in the Battle For Azeroth expansion. It was such a rush when I finally got flying since I have also been craving to get back on my Alliance character as well. Since being back, I have made it my number one goal to finish out all of the reputation grinds on both my characters to be able to unlock all of these amazing new races come the new expansion.

I have still been looking through the achievement, pets, and mounts sections to see what new stuff has been added since the new locations of Nazjatar and Mechagone are now available to see all the cool stuff I can gather now. Since I was away for such a long time, I am currently not apart of our raid team anymore but I have been working on doing Mythic+ and Raid Finder to get geared and in the future try back out for our raid team. As far as classic goes, I currently have no plan to play it since I started playing WoW during Mists Of Pandaria. I have been spoiled on the newer stuff, however, I may give it a try just to get a feel for how far along World of Warcraft has come.

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