Hello! My name is Kelsi and I am from Northeastern Pennsylvania born and raised. I moved to East Tennessee for about 10 years and met the love of my life whom I am happy to now call my husband. While searching for myself, I found my way back to my home state and began starting a new life. I am your ordinary, nerdy, and clumsy girl who is trying to make it through life in one piece. I have decided to take up blogging as a hobby. My goal is to provide a smile and a reason to live to everyone who stumbles upon my site. I work in the mental health field and I have a passion to help others who are struggling, like I have in the past, and make sure they know they will never be alone.

Meet the Blogger! - 20 Questions & Answers

Do I have any siblings? I do! I have a younger sister by six years who is at least three inches taller than me.

Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw!

3 fears? Snakes, what's in the dark, and losing everything.

Favorite book? Hands down The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I read this for my college English class. I read it twice after the class was over.

Three favorite TV shows? Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, How To Get Away With Murder

Favorite day of the week? Thursday. This is the day of the week that it will be guaranteed I have Dunkin Donuts coffee in my hand.

The scariest movie I have ever seen? Thi13en Ghosts - 2011. I have watched this movie more times than I can count and it never fails to scare the daylights out of me.

Favorite music artists? Hoodie Allen, Charlie Puth, Childish Gambino, Ed Sheeran

Who is my celebrity crush? Ryan Reynolds followed closely by Taron Egerton.

Three favorite movies? The Wedding Singer, The Devil Wears Prada, Twister

Favorite restaurant? Outback Steakhouse is the way to my heart.

What is my hobby? Scrapbooking. I love to be able to create pages full of photos and memories that are worth holding on to.

What apps do I use most? Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, & Pinterest.

Morning person or night owl? Morning person. I have to get up and go get my coffee and I have such a baby bedtime.

What is my favorite scent? Honeysuckle

Which superhero do I relate to? The Hulk. Since I have some anger management issues, I feel like I could Hulk smash if I got mad enough.

The most beautiful place you have ever been? Knoxville, Tennessee is really stunning. There is a wonderful atmosphere and nightlife. It makes me feel so alive and carefree.

What accomplishment am I most proud of? I managed to get an associates degree in psychology two months before falling and breaking my ankle. If I hadn't gotten it before the accident I doubt I would have ever got it.

What is most important to you? Friendship.

Why did I start a blog? I work in the mental health field and I am always telling my clients about coping skills. I realized that my coping skill was gaming and I have the drive to end the stigma of mental health and the best way to do that is to talk about it.