5 Reasons To Get A Pet

If you already have a pet then you already know how therapeutic they are for you. If you don’t own a pet – you are truly missing out. However, the best alternative for getting some pet therapy is going to your local animal shelters. They always need people willing to volunteer to help with their animals – even if it is just to walk the dogs for a little while or cuddle some kittens. Below is a huge compilation of photos of my and families animals to justify the reasons, but here is also a really wonderful article about all the reasons that owning a pet can be good for you and help boost your mood.

They help with mental health. It has been found that owning a pet can help with depression, anxiety, and reduce stress levels. From rescuing a cat to saving a dog, I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better. When I look back to when I broke my ankle and my cat never left my side, I realized how truly caring she was and she was such a huge comfort for me in my time of need. My sister adopted a cat and a ferret and she always seems so much happier when she is with them and taking care of them on a day to day basis.

They help with physical health. It has also been found that owning a pet can lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels and can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Since we got our pup, who is now almost two years old, he has been moving nonstop from the day we brought him home. He has helped me with my lifestyle changes for a healthier and happier life and he is my motivation to get up and go for another walk.

The cuddles are real. Does this statement truly need to be explained? Cuddles from your furry family members are hands down the best things ever. You can literally feel the stress, the sadness, the pain just drift away the second they lay down next to you and nuzzle their heads into you. This is my favorite part of the day.

There is never a dull moment. Sometimes pets do the funniest things.

They love you unconditionally. Pets may only be in our lives for a while, but we are in their lives forever; & forever will never be long enough.

& not all pets have to be your ‘normal’ house pets. Especially if you live in the mountains located in the middle of nowhere 🙂

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