5 Reasons to Attend a Comic-Con

My fiance and I have been to 3 comic-cons together in the past 4 years and I have loved every single one of them and intend to keep going to more. We just went to the fanboy comic-con in Knoxville, TN and when we got home it got me thinking about how it made me feel and I wanted to convince you to go if you haven’t gone before. There are so many reasons to go but these are my top 5 reasons to attend a comic-con.

1. The Cosplay: Whether you decide to dress up yourself or look at everyone who did, for a brief time you get to be someone who you admire and look up to. It is an amazing feeling of happiness to look at everyone walking around in cosplays.


2.The Vendors: Chances are at least one vendor is selling what you are looking for; whether it be that one comic book, that one collectible, or that one random item.

3.The PanelsYou can walk into a q&a panel and see the person you admire sitting at a table, on a stage, in front of everyone answering questions about their work. You are in a room with other people who admire the same person you do. They also don’t have to be “nerdy”. At fanboy Knoxville, I was able to sit in on a BSB panel with AJ, Howie, & Nick.


4.The people: You are in a huge convention center full of people from around the world that are sharing in the same love for nerdiness that you are. They have the same respect for comic-con that you do and you are a part of a huge family and you may not even realize it. The best part, they don’t judge you.

5.The experience: You don’t really get to live until you have been to a comic-con convention. Words cannot describe the feeling of walking into a huge building surround by people who are just like you. People who share the same things as you, others who understand exactly what it feels like.

*Not all of these photos are my own. Some have been found through Instagram from others who have attended the comic cons that I have been at. Attached to the photos that are not my own is a link to their original owners/ the photographer to give credit the one who took the photo.

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