5 Fall Activities To Stay Active


1. Pumpkin PatchYou are constantly walking around, bending up and down trying to find your perfect pumpkin for the season. Then the next best thing is that you can take it home and carve a face into it, use those arm muscles!

2. Corn Maze. Walking around a corn maze, trying to find your way out is a great way to get those extra step in this season. Another plus is exercising your brain, remembering all the places you have been and the places you still need to go (even though it all looks the same).

3. Apple Picking. Reaching and bending to pick up apples, and, you are walking! Apples are also a great healthy snack, just add a little honey.

4. Attend a Fall Festival. Facebook is a great place to search for local activities and events in your area. This is where I find almost all of the activities that I participate in. The best things about fall festivals are that you are walking around from booth to booth, socializing with others from your town, and shopping small for handmade items from local places. You are also getting in some fresh air.

5. Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders. You have to walk around outside. Whether it be in your own backyard or your town park, you are walking around looking for those perfect pine cones to do crafts with. Just a little bit of peanut butter and bird seed, and some twine to hang them on the trees, and you are all set! 




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