3 Reasons To Go To Your County Fair

For the town that I live in, this is the week of our smaller county fair and in two weeks the next town over has an even bigger fair to start off the fall season. I honestly love the fair; with all the food, rides, shows, games, laughter, and memories to be made how can your inner child not be excited to go to the fair? There are so many reasons to go to the fair but for this post, I am going to focus on my top three reasons.

The food. There is such a long list of so many different kinds of food to choose from. My fair food must-have is a gyro & a funnel cake. Depending on how much more food me and my husband want to try, we sometimes share just about everything but a gyro. By sharing the food we get to try so much more and it doesn’t hurt our budget.

The shows. As I have gotten older, I find myself really enjoying the shows, booths, petting zoo, etc. at the fair. The people in the shows put out so much work to make everyone laugh and have a good time that it’s hard not to appreciate a good show. Most of the time the shows are also free so this saves us money for more food, haha. Also, a plus can be a petting zoo 🙂

The rides. Now, I only go on a handful of rides at the fair but the most mesmerizing part for me are the lights. This is also a time when my husband and I can save a little more money since we only buy a few tickets rather than a wrist band. I also love when it gets dark and all the rides light up in some pretty amazing colors.

What is your favorite part of the county fair?

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